Jo's coaching and support have been of incalculable value to me; first, as I prepared for interviews in search of a headship, then, as a first- year head of school. Her unique skill is based both on her vast experience in searches and as a close observer of schools and effective school leadership, as well as on her exceptional ability to ask good questions. Jo never tells me, in our sessions, what I should be doing next. Instead, she asks questions that move my own thinking along, so that, at the end of the conversation, I am ready to move forward in a direction that reflects who I am in the most authentic way. I would recommend Jo to anyone who is in search of an effective and empathetic coach -- who has a great sense of humor to boot!
Mariandl Hufford
Head of School, Miami Country Day School
I began working with Jo as an aspiring head of school, and her coaching and guidance were invaluable as I made the next step in my career as a school leader. With a keen understanding of independent schools and exceptional leadership practices, Jo struck the perfect balance between clear-eyed assessment, targeted feedback, and unflagging encouragement in my professional and personal growth. As a woman in leadership, it was like a breath of fresh air to be working with another woman in leadership, and Jo’s expertise stood out amongst her professional peers. Jo has a breadth and depth of knowledge of the cultures and life cycles of independent schools, and when I began my first headship, her coaching and insights were equally valuable in my ability to do my work well. Schools are complex organizations with dedicated and passionate community members, and Jo understands the intricacies of the work, from board members, to faculty, and families. She also knows that those of us who do this work do it because we love it, and she never failed to remind me to keep joyful student learning at the center of my leadership. Jo has inspired and challenged me to keep learning and growing in service of my school, and my work on behalf of students is better for it
Sherri C. Helvie, Ph.D
Head of School, The Orchard School​
“Jo has been an incredible support and resource as I have engaged in a search for a Head of School position. She possesses a deep knowledge of the independent school world, and she has given me direct, thoughtful and valuable advice in every step of the search process.”
Carl Carlson
Head of Upper School, Tampa Preparatory School