Coaching Services

A coach and a client work closely to forge new habits and affect lasting change. The client sets the agenda, while the coach guides the conversation.

Whether your goal is to transition to a new position or improve your performance in your current role – Jo can help. She works with you every step of the way to build a plan and support you in making the changes that will help make you more confident and effective.

We will begin our work together with a full assessment of the current situation, identifying what changes you desire and understanding the starting point.

We will expand our understanding by gathering data,  insight and feedback from those around you, and by diving into your own values, beliefs, hopes and fears.

Both thoughts and feelings are critical to understanding the root causes of behaviors and developing  techniques for a holistic and systematic approach. 

We will focus our coaching partnership on creating an integrated plan for change.

A Sample Process:

Phase 1: Situation Assessment – usually 1-3 sessions 

  • Clarify objectives and set clear goals for coaching engagement 
  • Clear baseline of current situation and gaps vs. desired outcomes
  • Clear understanding of the values and priorities that guide client choices 

Phase 2: Strategic Planning – usually 1-2 sessions

  • Integrate feedback and situation assessment to explore potential actions and develop priorities 
  • Based on options develop SMART goals for each shift to enable trying out new approaches and behaviours

Phase 3 – Execution – usually 4-6 sessions

  • Client takes action on goals from phase 2, pushing beyond the comfort zone to try new approaches
  • Coaching sessions provide space for learning and reflection 
  • Client works to integrate new approaches – moving from reflecting after action to reflecting in action and building capabilities for ongoing development

Laser coaching – as needed 

  • Sessions with client to address specific content or situations
  • Coach works as a sounding board and resource for client as she builds plans to address these situations.